Should You Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop?

We cannot deny that Microsoft is one of the greatest brands of laptops and Microsoft has proven it with Surface Laptop. It is nice and looks like a piece of design, closer to a fashion showcase than a computer store. Moreover, in front of the predilection for metallic tones, shimmering and other golden marks, it is thanks to a step in the opposite direction bet by the elegance from the subtlety.



It has Alcantara fabric on keyboard whose roughness makes it a dirt magnet that does not go with the traditional aluminum or plastic of a conventional laptop. If in less than a week, it might accumulate much dirt and you will not want to imagine how it will be in a few months when you buy Microsoft Surface Laptop.


It could be said that some of the problems of Microsoft Surface Laptop are circumstantial. Windows 10 S is no longer optional, so you can switch to the updated version at any time. The others are perennials as I mentioned fabric or a trackpad that does offer the same results as Mac.


Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptop battery can be extended up to 14 hours. We assume that pulling the full version of Windows 10 and Chrome, known to eat the batteries of any laptop, the time was going to be reduced, but we were able to stretch the battery for ten hours without any problems in our test.


What's more, we have had the computer with the brightness to the maximum and playing video for almost two hours in some of the conferences of E3 with no issues about the battery.


The equipment we have tested has been the Microsoft Surface Laptop with i5 processor and 8GB of RAM whose price amounts to 1,449 euros. In this section, it is where you must keep in mind what you are going to ask about the device if you need a basic office i.e. email, navigation, Word, Excel, as 1,149 euros device is more than enough for this. On the other hand, you need more demanding applications or work with several applications at the same time or by reproducing many tabs at the same time, the 8GB RAM has to be your choice.



Having tested the Surface Laptop, it is proven that it is a worthy device and it seems difficult to position in the eternal debate between Microsoft and Apple. Overall, we suggest you to buy Microsoft Surface Laptop for sure as we got the satisfactory performance.